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Specializing in resurfacing and recycling polyethylene cutting boards, our service improves the level of sanitation in your food preparation areas and extends the life of your cutting boards.

  • Highly trained, skilled staff
  • Certified in safe food handling
  • On-site services  (no electrical wires, completely mobile from our truck)
  • Pinched smooth surface meets FDA specs
  • New cutting boards cut on-site
  • Increased shelf life
  • NSF color coded boards
  • Table clips, knife racks, table shoes


  • Improve surface sanitation by removing knife cuts and areas holding bacteria and other micro-organisms
  • Increase shelf life up to 24 to 36 hours and product quality by reducing imbedded microorganisms
  • Minimal or no interference and downtime with any department
  • Your cutting boards never leave the premises
  • All services are performed at your location outside of the store in our specially equipped mobile service units
  • The service is performed with industrial equipment specially designed to resurface the plastic
  • Your cutting boards are NOT SANDED
  • Exceeds all government sanitation and safety regulations
  • Includes hanging the wrapping, scaling and specialty cutting boards
  • Both sides and all four edges are cleaned
  • Missing, rusted and stripped screws are replaced
  • Fully insured
  • Uniformed employees are trained in the National Food Service Sanitation Program
  • Fast and efficient
  • 1/3 the cost of new boards
  • Guaranteed
  • Cutting tables and stabilizers for round and square tubed tables to stop rocking when your table is un-even
  • Tabs available to place on the edges of your tables to keep your cutting boards in place
  • Reduce Shrink


Reduce plastic in landfills – Save boards – Dispose shavings.
Saving fresh product, packaging, labor, clean-up time, chemicals and landfills


  • Increase shelf life of product
  • Reduce the packaging product used
  • Lessen packaging material and plastic in landfill
  • Extend the life of existing cutting boards
  • Less plastic needed which saves energy to produce new product
  • Less water consumption for cleaning
  • Less cleaning and sanitizing chemicals used which saves on chemicals released into the environment
  • Reduce the material used to package these chemicals and energy to produce them
  • Reduce bacterial contamination of meat products which shortens shelf life and increases meat products ending in landfills


    • The average bacteria are one micron or .000039 inch and a virus can range in size from one micron to as small as seventeen millimicrons (one thousandth of a micron). Imagine how many are in the microscopic knife cuts on your cutting boards.

    Click here for How Big is a Micron? (PDF)

    • Studies conducted by Aetna Plastics Corp. and King Plastics Corp. found that chlorine bleach dissolved degenerated or swelled the polyethylene cutting boards at temperatures between 73°F and 140°F
    • Sanding your cutting boards is not recommended because the friction process forces bacteria deeper into the cutting surface. Sand is also absorbed into the cutting surface and it does not meet the federal standards for "smooth" (100 grit) number 3 stainless steel. 
    • National Sanitation Foundation recommended color codes for cutting boards

    Click here for Cutting Board Color Codes (PDF)

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